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"Carley’s vocals and some neat guitar work leave you wanting to hear more from this band. There is a richness and sweetness to their sound which is alluring... this is a band with much potential"

  - David Jordan, MRU Magazine


"Add strings for a Bond theme. (Smoking Gun) is the first I’ve heard of Indie quartet SilverSpark. In a word? Impressed. The track is punchy from the outset, the guitar tone edging towards Hendrix in the beginning. At points it wants to develop into a fully blown Bond theme. It flows beautifully. The vocals are standout and remind me of early Christina Aguilera tracks, powerful, gritty and on edge, retaining control throughout. The ingredients are all there...it has massive potential."

- Music In Leicester (www.musicinleicester.co.uk)  


"The Thief’ – the slow paced melody teams up with a sorrowful tone in the vocals to

create a gloomy, hauntingly beautiful track as good as anything else you’ll hear this

year.  On this showing Silverspark will not remain unknown for long. They’ve got a lot

of potential in them, and in tracks like ‘The Thief’, ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Dangerous

Game’, they’re already showing signs of being able to hit the very top"

- Alistair Proudman, www.thebradfordstudent.com


"With songs such as “Light The Fuse” with its the ‘Out of Time’ era Americana riffs, wiry guitar hero solos and flooring vocal flourishes, and the 90s riot girl infused punk-funk a la Cardigans and Letters to Cleo already in their canon, its not surprising the band have already been picked up by indie and commercial radio stations alike, on an international scale..."

- Thom Williams, 45 Magazine (www.45-magazine.com)


" They write beautiful songs"  

- Ty Taylor, Vocalist, Vintage Trouble (www.vintage-trouble.com)


"A sultry pop sound and beautiful melodies... phenomenal, enchanting indie riffs"

- Nicci Smart, Counterpoint Collective (www.counterpointcollective.org)


"Looooove this!"  

- Siany Martin, 96.4FM, The Wave Radio (www.thewave.co.uk)


"I am very choosy with music, with the songs I play on the radio, but when it comes to catchy songs, you can't go wrong with SilverSpark. Some great song writing here... Carley's vocals are being compared to Sharleen from Texas for her stunning singing, which in turn goes very nicely with Matt's guitar playing...On very few occasions I say 'buy it,' on this occasion, buy it!"

- DJ Paul Readman, Music World Radio